Johnny McCallister

Senior Pastor

How I spend my free time:

With my family. I like having lunches with my wife.  The boys like to play outside and Beckett especially likes to swing.  I love going to see Brianna at IU and even going over to Fort Wayne on my day off to see Victoria's work with Habitat for Humanity.

Best way to make me laugh:

Turn on some music after dinner and watch my 4 kids.  

The memories I will always cherish:

I have been married for 25 years and have 4 children - you kidding me? I could give you a top 25. With my wife Sherrie there are many but one I really do cherish is when we renewed our vows with Pastor Bob and Marylin at the Rose Garden at our 15th. With our kids, I remember in 2001 and we were at the graveside after burying our son John-John who was stillborn. After family and friends had left us, we huddled around that little grave as a family, held hands, and prayed. That was a bittersweet moment. Bitter for loss and sweet because of the prayers that were prayed that day in faith by my wife and young girls.

     I would love to meet _______:

       Ravi Zacharias - a great Christian Apologist.

     Most irrational fear:

       The fear of answering this kind of question wrongly. 

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