It was early in 1885 when Sister Mariah Woodward-Etter swept into Columbia City to preach a series of revival services. After attending several of those services, a group of 42 believers banded together to form a new congregation. It was on March 30th, 1885 that The First Church of God of Columbia City came into existence.

From those humble beginnings, God has blessed First Church with continued growth so that today, around 1,000 people gather in the building each Sunday morning to love God and to love each other. In the very beginning, the church met in a building located at the southeast corner of Jackson and Washington Streets. In the early 1960’s, the church relocated to Main Street where they remained until 1998 when they moved into the current facility located near the intersection of US 30 and Lincolnway on the western side of Columbia City.

However, we must never forget that buildings are little more than brick and mortar and will one day crumble into dust. Our history is not about buildings but about people. It’s all about people! Buildings are temporary—people are eternal.

That is why we strive to offer the very best children’s, youth and adult programming possible. It is our desire to love God with all of our being and to love one another as God would have us love. We strive to that end with everything we do; from our Sunday morning worship services, our children’s ministries, student ministries, women’s ministries, small groups ministries to our outreach programs like our community garden and non-food pantry—it is all about loving God and loving others. It’s just that simple!

1200 West DePoy Drive  |  Columbia City, IN 46725
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